5 Summer Holiday Programs For Children And Teens in Enugu

The summer holidays can stretch really long. It is always a good idea to keep the children occupied with fun, interactive learning activities while they await the resumption of a new school year. If you’re a parent in Enugu or have children holidaying in Enugu, you may have been wondering where to enrol your kids for wholesome summer activities. We’ve rounded up a list for you. Check it out:

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Cake Tasting Event At Bunny Street 

Cream and Gold confectionaries brings you a delightful cake tasting event on Saturday, 25th March 2017.

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COUPLES GETAWAY: A Special Evening for Married Couples

The third edition of Couples Getaway is coming soon. It is an event designed to give couples a proper treat. Couples come together to wine and dine, play games, be entertained and enjoy special treats and prizes. There’ll be music, dancing, food and fun at this classy event. A great opportunity for husband and wife to pamper each other and rekindle that

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Urban Space 2: Inspiring A New Culture

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to nurture and grow your business? do you have great ideas?

Be sure to attend URBAN SPACE. It's an avenue to meet and greet with like minds, outsource ideas and skills and gain

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Legends Wrestle for National Unity in Enugu

Sports is a universal language capable of uniting friends and foe. There is a great unifying spirit guarding the sports realm that creates peace even between archrivals. That same spirit has been consulted by the great people of Nigeria for peace and unity. In remembrance of our past Heroes, the Enugu State Government is hosting a sport event called

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