Sodom's Chance: The Case for Redemption

Aki is a thirty-five year old man who lived with his parents in their two bedroom apartment. He had dropped out of school due to his involvement with cultism. He was usually seen

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#MondayMotivation: It's Never Too Late...



"It is never too late to be what you might have been"   - George Elliot

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Forgiveness And Greed: Reflections On The Prodigal Son

The story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-20) is a story of forgiveness, second chances and retracing one’s footsteps. It is the story of a wayward son who returned home after squandering his inheritance, to meet a very loving forgiving father that he had once wronged.

In my world, I often imagine myself as the

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The Already Made Man, Too Good To Be True?

I certainly do not think that there is only one formula for choosing a spouse. People come in different

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Becoming You

My life has been filtered...

In different ways than I could ever fathom.

My thoughts have been altered... because I only believe that I

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hand with mobile phone, laptop and mug

6 Ways To Make Money Online

There’s more to online platforms than slaying and garnering thousands of likes and followers. There is a huge market online waiting for you to exploit and make some real cash. You can

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Win Up To 1Million Naira In This SheaMoisture Competition

Here’s an opportunity for a young Nigerian woman to win up to 1million Naira for a business idea. SheaMoisture Nigeria is out to empower female entrepreneurs in their Finding Sofi Tucker Competition.

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You Can Win 1 Million Naira in Toke Makinwa's #OnBecomingEmpowered Contest

Toke Makinwa has set out to empower business owners with her On Becoming Empowered contest. The programme seeks to offer grants to four people with good business ideas. She announced the

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5 Ways To Boost Your Daily Productivity

Do you wake up every morning ready to take over the world, yet go to bed every night feeling like you accomplished nothing? Are you a couch potato, telling yourself to do more, yet doing barely anything? Do you have very busy days with little to show for them at the end? You might be in need of

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Train For Business Success At Storypage Academy

We’ve got great news for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. This January 2016, a world-class training hub will be launched in Enugu. The Storypage Academy is a

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