Blueprint Afric: changing narratives about Africa


Blueprint Afric, a Southeast-based Internet Newspaper, is enlightening African youths and changing the narrative about Africa.

Young Africans have been misled a lot concerning their history, and identity. How? Stories! The story of Africa has been infiltrated the more with every passing generation, leaving the current generation of youths with unoriginal and false stories of their people. This is why the good work of Blueprint Afric in telling Africa’s truest and unique stories is considered noteworthy.

Blueprint Afric, an internet newspaper for young Africans, has been staying true to its mission to “beat the rhythm of Africa’s unique stories” by providing information to millions of Africans across the globe through news, entertainment, fashion, sports, business, politics, and their online TV.

In service, the internet newspaper which is a subsidiary of Blueafric Media, a 360 media company located in the Southeastern State of Nigeria, Enugu, aims to eradicate situations of racial inferiority and negative consciousness.

It aims to achieve this by presenting Africa in all its beauty and glory, showing that there is more to it than just being the dark continent. The general notion of Africa being a continent that only saw the light when the Europeans discovered it, implying that it was (and still is) an underdeveloped nation, has been rendered untrue repeatedly by the capturing of the African culture, food, fashion, and wedding tradition.

Blueprint Afric has also been giving voice to people from the most real and tiniest crannies of Africa, to tell stories about their successes, love, family, everything that counts.

Blueprint Afric deserves international recognition as it would give foreigners all over the world, as well as Africans in diaspora, more reliable insight into the present African culture, lifestyle, and business.

From close observation, their most unique factor is the quest to source for original stories, independent of other brands in order to distinguish African stories and tell them in the most beautiful way; with the African voice that has not been beaten into subtlety and subjugation.

For Blueprint Afric, Africa is great and needs to ooze that aura of greatness to all around her, and they understand their role as “story bearers” who have an important story to bear to the world.

This online newspaper has time and again occupied the position of the biblical shining star from the east which served as a guide.

Blueprint Afric is guiding Africans to the light; a place of knowledge, self-realisation, and pride for who they are. In dishing out news and facts, the eyes of the world have been open to the actuality that there are more Africans all over the planet doing extraordinary things, rendering the impression of the African people as average null.

Blueprint Afric has, over the years, enlightened the African society with undiluted essential news which is significant to the people’s growth.

The Blueprint Afric vision is to tell profound and accurate African Stories, and they have been consistent in upholding this vision.

They do not just tell stories but give people a safe platform to exchange ideas and discuss trending topics on Instagram, and Facebook. These enlightenment and intellectual amplification are among one the important works that deserve worldwide commendation.

This article was originally published by Ibrahim Adams in The Nation. It has been republished here with permission from Blueprint Afric.


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