The South-East Roads are a Mess, and Young Nigerians are Not Having It


Bad roads are a constant and recurring issue in many parts of Nigeria. Every campaign year, politicians wave the promise of building roads at the masses. After elections are done, the roads are either ignored, or the government makes a slipshod attempt at fixing them. Many people have lost loved ones and goods to accidents that would not have happened if the roads were in good condition, not to mention the numerous hours that are wasted in traffic jams caused by the poor state of the roads.

The roads in South-Eastern Nigeria, particularly the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway, have deteriorated to an appalling state. After numerous horrible experiences travelling these roads, young Nigerians have taken to Twitter to demand better from the government, calling on the President and the South-Eastern Governors and Representatives to do something and do it now. Here are some tweets with the hashtag #FixSouthEastRoads:

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