Does Zinc Help Acne? Why You Should Try Zinc for Acne


Does zinc help acne? A question you might not have expected to ask. But this article will give you the answer.

Not too long ago, the general idea was that acne is a teenage skin problem that occurred because they didn’t wash their faces properly. Research has proved that idea wrong. Acne is a skin inflammation condition that can happen to people of any age.

People that are prone to acne have to fight a constant battle to keep their skin radiant and free from blemishes. There are many suggestions out there on how to cure acne, but this little solution might surprise you.

Zinc is an essential mineral with qualities that work against acne. For this reason, dermatologists sometimes recommend zinc as treatment for acne. Zinc has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties. It works to heal the skin from inflammation caused by acne.

Zinc can help the skin to repair itself from an acne outbreak. A diet rich in zinc can help you fight acne. It’s also an added benefit that zinc can heal your skin faster than any other mineral. This is also why zinc is highly recommended for treating diaper rashes, because of how well and fast it heals the skin.

Oysters are a food rich in zinc. But not everyone is a fan of seafood. So if you don’t like oysters, or can’t eat them for other reasons, there are other ways to ensure that you get enough zinc in your diet.

Beef and pork are also rich in zinc. If you’re trying to eat healthy, you may also consider lean meats like chicken. For variety, you can add eggs or cheddar cheese, as both of them have plenty of zinc.

You can also get more zinc by snacking on zinc-rich foods such as brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, figs, and pecans. Other healthy options include peanut butter, wheat bran, or oats. These are also rich in other minerals that are good for you and help your skin.

Cocoa powder is another surprising source of zinc. It contains enough zinc to take care of your dietary needs, and it also helps you fight cholesterol.

While there are a million products on the market to help you with your acne, a lot of them are expensive and full of harsh chemicals. Zinc is inexpensive, and if used properly, it generally doesn’t cause nasty side effects. Does zinc help acne? It could help with yours.


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