6 Ways To Make Money Online


There’s more to online platforms than slaying and garnering thousands of likes and followers. There is a huge market online waiting for you to exploit and make some real cash. You can monetize your online activity and trust me, it is not rocket science. Here’s a list of six ways you can make money online, from the comfort of your house.

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1. Influencer Marketing
This is just a more technical term for “advertising”. Influencer marketing is basically using influencers to market products or services. To make money from this you have to be an influencer. If you have a huge following and an equally huge response rate on any social media platform then you already qualify as an influencer. But also you have to be taken seriously on those platforms, make sure you don’t have a reputation as a liar or a troublemaker. No brand wants trouble for their business. Just be the kind of person that can actually get people to patronize a business and you are good to go.

2. Blogging/Vlogging
Owning a blog or a vlog is another good way to make money online. All you have to do is create content that people actually want to see. It can be anything- makeup tutorials, stories, posts on random interesting thoughts, opinion pieces on controversial issues, life hacks or whatever you’re already good at. A vlog is a video-blog in case you were wondering- like a YouTube channel. When you grow a significant and loyal following then you can start making money through advertising, google AdSense and affiliate marketing.
3. Affiliate Marketing
Chill, it’s not as technically intimidating as it sounds. Affiliate marketing is basically getting a customized url (link) for a product or service that you put on your blog or vlog and then get paid a set commission for every single click or purchase made using that customized url. The link usually leads to the brands’ own website where customers can make a direct purchase. It’s like getting a personal password to a store and then getting paid every time a customer uses your special password to buy from the store or like telling people to buy a product and getting paid every time someone actually buys. These customers will be visitors to your blog/vlog so basically the bigger your audience/following the more people get to see your affiliate link and click on it and the more money you make.

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4. Online stores
If you like the idea of owning your own boutique or makeup studio or even restaurant but you don’t have enough to rent a shop or furnish it then opening an online store is the perfect idea for you. You don’t have to save for years to open your dream store, all you need is a smart phone which you probably already have (how else are you able to read this article?) and internet connection (which you have too which is why you are able to read this article) and then you can set up your store on Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram. Just post pictures or videos of the product or service you have to offer, make sure they are worth the price you tagged to them so people will have a reason to want to buy from you and to spread the word about your business.

5. Writing
If you are a good writer, you can monetize that too. There are thousands of sites, blogs, online magazines, and websites looking for content on a daily basis. You could get paid to write for them. Thankfully there are sites where writers can register and get work assigned to them like Upwork or Fiverr, you could register on one of such sites too.
6. Online reviews
Writing reviews is another online activity that can fetch you money. You can review a lot of things- books, apps, music, movies, gadgets like phones, laptops, tablets, makeup, hair products, skin products etc.
With reviews you can start your very own blog dedicated to nothing but the niche you have chosen to review or you could get paid to put your reviews on other sites.

You have to keep in mind that consistency is key here, as with any other offline venture. It will take time for you to establish your credibility and authenticity as a service provider. It is normal for things to be slow and discouraging at first. Stick to it and eventually it’ll pay off. Rome wasn’t built in a day remember?


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