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Learn To Speak 'Naturalista': Hair Terms And Their Meanings

If you’ve visited any natural hair blog or heard naturalistas talk about hair, you must have come across some unique words and terms. Confused? This article will help you clarify some natural hair lingo

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5 Leave-In Conditioners For Naturals To Try

A leave-in conditioner plays the important role of infusing the hair with moisture daily. A good leave-in conditioner should also help with detangling. If you’re wondering what leave-in is best for

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Silicones In Haircare, Good Or Bad?

Silicones are often found in the ingredients of many hair products. The natural hair community is split on the controversy of silicones as an ingredient. Some naturals don’t mind them, some avoid them completely. Silicones are not evil, but there are pros and cons to using products that contain them

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This Could Be Why Your Hair Is Not Growing

The average human hair grows at the rate of about half an inch per month. If the months go by and you feel like your hair is not making any progress, it’s probably because your hair is

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Where to buy Natural Hair Products in Enugu and Online

One challenge new naturalistas often have is where to shop for natural hair products, seeing as they are rarely available in mainstream outlets. So here’s a list of online and walk-in stores that stock natural hair products and tools

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