Black Braided Hairstyles: 39 Braided Hairstyles for Black Hair


Black braided hairstyles are great for long-term protective styling. These hairstyles give women’s hair some rest, while protecting them from harsh environmental factors. There are many creative ways to style braided hairstyles for black hair. These include incorporating interesting braiding techniques, experimenting with highlights, textures, clips, patterns, shapes and so on.  Braided hairstyles can be very versatile, choosing from micro braids, cornrows, fishtail braids blocky braid, black braided buns, twist braid, tree braid, hair band, French braid and more are at your disposal. Once you pick a desired braiding style, thickness and have your hair braided, you may shape your braids into gorgeous hairstyles both for every day and special events. Wedding soon? Click here for beautiful bridal hairstyles!

Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles for Black Hair
Get inspired by these beautiful black braided hairstyles

1- Braided bun:
Braided buns are great for keeping hair off your face, while still looking chic and stylish. This hairstyle works best with feed-in braids such as Ghana braids. The hair is braided form the edges and nape to the center of the scalp, then swept into a bun.

curvy cornrows twisted into an updo

curvy cornrows twist into an updo

black woman with small box braids packed up in a jumbo bun

small box braids, giant bun

black woman wearing cornrows twisted into an updo

Updo bun with twisted braids

pretty little black girls with feed in braids swept up in a bun

Braided bun hairstyle

2. Twisted locs: Twisted dreadlocks are a unique kind of braided hairstyle for black hair. This works great for women who wear locs and want to do something different with their hair. This style works for short hair and long hair. Click here to see helpful tips for short hair!

Braided locs on mix color... black and brown.

Updo nicely Braided and packed.

black girl with neatly twisted locs gathering upward, black braided hairstyles

Braided locks gathering upward, by @locsbylocks

Medium length dreadlocks with a touch of brown

Medium length dreadlocks with a touch of brown

3- Braided Mohawk: Whether you are preparing for a special event or a casual outing, the braided Mohawk is a very edgy braided hairstyle for black hair. It is guaranteed to be a head-turner at every event. Click here to see gorgeous bantu knot styles

woman with beautiful tiny cornrows leading to a braided mohawk

stunning braided mohawk

creative cornrows with mowhawk and a twisted bun in front

creative cornrows with mowhawk and twisted bun

cornrows meeting in the centre like a mohawk, then pulled into a bun

Updo braided sideways on a Mohawk.

black girl wearing Twisted Mohawk pattern with a ponytail, braided hairstyles for black hair

mohawk braids with wine highlights

 4- Box braids: Box braids are one of the most popular braided hairstyles for black women. While there are plenty styles of African hair braiding, box braids are one of the easiest to maintain. Your little girl can wear box braids with or without extensions, depending on the volume desired.

black woman wearing long box braids

black girl wearing neat and nice box braids

neat and nice box braids

girl with box braids and gold accessories, black braided hairstyles

black braided hairstyles go well with gold accessories.

black woman in chunky box braids, braided hairstyles for black hair

chunky box braids with updo on top

5- Pigtail braids:
Pigtail braids are pretty and playful. This is one of the easiest black braided hairstyles, because it mostly involves just two big cornrows on either side of the hair. It’s a quick and convenient for women of all ages. From the middle of the forehead, part your hair into two sides. Click here to see hairstyle ideas for little girls!

black girl wearing braided pigtails

Braided pigtails

black girl wearing cute pigtail braids

cute pigtail braids

woman wearing pigtail braids with curly ends

pigtail braids with curly ends

black girl wearing elaborate two-toned braids packed into pigtails

elaborate braids packed into pigtails

6- Jumbo French Braids:
Command attention with jumbo French braids. Like pigtail braids, they’re easy to make, and you’ll be sure to get you noticed while wearing this bold braided hairstyle.

black woman wearing dramatic jumbo french braids

dramatic jumbo french braids

black girl wearing two feed-in french braids

two line braids with s curvy center parting.

black woman wearing two feed-in ffrench braids that merge into one

Two feed in French braids with a side parting.

little girl wearing criss cross french braids

criss cross french braids

7- Triangle Box Braids:     
Black braided hairstyles are all about creativity and expression. Break away from the routine with these geometric, triangular parts. This black braided hairstyle is unexpected, cool and gives the classic box braid a totally fresh feel.

black girl wearing dark long braids on triangle roots.

braids look gorgeous with gold pins

black girl wearing jumbo triangle braids accessorized with cords and cuffs.

Big box braids with triangular parts by @crownofgld

black girl wearing box braids with triangle parting and accessories

Gorgeous triangle braids with more cool accessory ideas!

black woman wearing box braids with triangular parts, braided hairstyles for black hair

box braids with triangular parts by @braidsbydre

8- Colored Highlights in Black Braids:
Braided hairstyles for black hair come in different colors. Aside from the extra length and thickness, adding hair  extensions also gives you the ability to experiment with color. Weaving in a few pieces of hair for a pop of color like the purple shown here will give you cute braids with a highlighted effect. Click here for useful tips on growing your hair long!

black woman wearing long braids with purple highlight

Box braids with neat middle part

pretty black girl wearing black box braids with purple highlights and gold accessories

black box braids with accessories anf purple highlights

light-skinned woman with black box braids with purple highlights, black braided hairstyles

black braided hairstyles with colored highlights

black woman with black and purple box braids swept up in a huge bun

purple and black braided hairstyles always work

9- Long Curvy Braids:
Add a twist to feed-in cornrows by making them curvy. In addition to forming the basis for many protective styles, braids work as stunning hairstyles with natural hair and weaves or extensions.

black girl in cute curvy feed-in braids

cute curvy feed-in braids

black woman in two-tone jumbo pigtail braids

Creative jumbo french braid

black girl with curvy cornrows leading to an updo bun

Updo braids with curvy cornrows

black girl wearing curvy stitch braids

curvy stitch braided hairstyles for black hair

10- Chic Braided Bob
Braided bobs are one of the simple but chic braided hairstyles for black women. This is a run out the door hairstyle that never fails – the wearer always looks pretty, polished, and put together. The best part is that this ‘do is a winner with thin, thick, or medium braids.

woman in chic bob box braids

Chic bob braided hairstyle for black hair

black girl with box braids pulled up into pigtails

box braids pulled up into pigtails

black woman in bob box braids with accessories

Bob braids styles are on the rise.

black women in braided bob hairstyle

medium sized bob box braids


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