Box Braid Styles: 30 Ideas For Your Next Box Braids Hairstyle


Box braid styles are trendy and versatile. In color and styling, there are a variety of options to choose from when making and styling box braids. Your box braids hairstyle may be styled in many different ways, as it all depends on the wearer. I’ve compiled a list of some styles that are absolutely stunning for box braids so if you are looking for ideas on how to style your box braids, why don’t you check and see if I can help you out?


black girl wearing her wine red box braids in bantu knots style

wine red jumbo bantu knots

Bantu knots are simply a beauty. From the traditional pictures and styling of bantu knots to the modern day styling, one thing is recurrent and that is the amazing amount of class and beauty that this hairstyle has.

black girl wearing her hair in cute midi bantu knots

braided bantu knots

Bantu knots are great at any given time, for any given occasion. And if you want to style your box braids the bantu knot way, you are more than welcome to do so. Your knots can be in any color and size of your choice. So ladies, don’t sleep on this. Bantu knots stay winning!

black girl wearing bantu knots and cornrows

bantu knots and cornrows


black woman wearing box braids in half up half down style

Another great way to style your box braids hairstyle is to wear a half of it (preferably the front half) up and the other half down.

black woman wearing box braids in half up half down style

This look is great for casual outings!

black woman wearing brown box braids in half up half down style


Rihanna wearing black box braids hairsstyle with a bun on top

Box braids with bun

Space buns are also a great way to style your box braids hairstyle. Here’s the tea: you can have a space bun like Rihanna, or you can have space buns!

two black girls wearing box braid styles, one black one brown

box braid styles

It all depends on what you feel comfortable in and how you want your box braids styled. That’s cool right? This is also another great way to style your braids for a casual outing. I’m not sure how this style would look in a corporate environment though.

black girl wearing blue box braids hairstyle twisted intp thre jumbo buns in front

Blue box braids hairstyle


black girl wearing multicolored rainbow mermaid box braids hairstyle

rainbow box braids hairstyle

What’s life without colour? The most amazing thing about braids is the wide range of options it gives you to choose from not only with styles, but with colours as well.

black girl wearing bright coloured box braids hairstyle

cute colorful box braids styles

So, instead of mixing just one or two colours in the conventional way, why don’t you just take a cue from the amazing Amandla Stenberg and wear a rainbow as a box braid crown on your pretty head?

Black girl wearing box braids hairstyle with mutliple colors



black girl wearing very long purple box braids hairstyle

extra long box braids

This style [quite literally]will give you a warm shoulder. I personally recommend it for days when you wear a cold shoulder dress or top (get it?)

black girls wearing simple black box braid styles

classic box braids

Here, you sweep your long braids to one side of your shoulder. You may hold it with a pin if you feel the need to, but that is not necessary. This is a classy, easy and elegant look and the great thing is: it goes everywhere! Whether you’re about to go into that meeting to secure a deal or you just want to take a stroll with your dog, the warm shoulder style for your box braids is perfect. Keep in mind that in order to make the most of this pretty style, your box braids should be long.

black girl wearing classic box braids hairstyle

classic box braid styles


black girl wearing jumbo box braids style

Jumbo box braids

Jumbo braids are the winners of the “big, bold and beautiful” award in the hair world. These braids are way bigger than the normal braids and they are just superb.

black girl wearing jumbo box braids style

jumbo box braids

Jumbo braids are great and can be styled in whatever way for whatever occasion. Meaning, jumbo braids are okay anywhere. You can use whatever color you want for your jumbo braids, and your braids can be whatever length you desire (although I personally feel that for jumbo box braids, the longer the better).

Black girl wearing gorgeous bix box braids hairstyle

big box braids


black girl wearing cute ombre microbraids style

ombre microbraids

Micro braids are simply beautiful. Although most people shy away from them because they involve long hours, I’d like you to remember that nothing good comes easy lol.

black woman in two-toned box braids hairstyle with curly ends

Micro braids are a trend at the moment, basically because most of the braids wigs in the market are micro braided. So, if you have the time, why don’t you cop yourself this fabulous look? Your micro braids can be either long or short, all depending on you and your preferences.

black woman wearing long black twists microbraids box braid styles

long black microbraids


black girls wearing triangle part jumbo box braids installed with the rubber band method

Triangle parts

I already showed you how amazing jumbo box braid styles are, now they’re back here again with a little twist and that is: the star parting.

black girls wearing jumbo twists with triangle part box braid styles

Jumbo twists

Instead of your hair dresser just sectioning of parts of your hair in the conventional round way, why don’t you have the hair dresser part your hair in the shape of a star? I personally think it is only fitting and I’m quite sure you agree.

black girl wearing jumbo twists on triangle parts box braids hairstyle

triangle parts and jumbo twists


woman wearing extra-long blonde fulani braids box braids hairstyle

blonde Fulani braids

Fulani braids are, quite simply, a beauty to behold. One of the most exquisite box braid styles.

black woman wearing gorgeous stitch braids box braid styles

They enhance the face in the simplest and most enchanting ways and they can be in whatever colour and length you choose. Some people even attach beads to give it a sophisticated cultural vibe. Love it!

black woman wearing lovely stitch braids box braids hairstyle


black woman wearing cute bob box braids

The bob has been a symbol of sophistication and class for decades, and I do not believe that is going to change anytime soon. A box braid bob screams sophistication and further screams strength and empowerment because it can be in – wait for it – whatever colour you want! That’s right. You can bring the fire with a pink bob, a blue bob or a black bob because they all look super cute and amazing.

woman wearing pink chunky bob box braids

Pink bob box braids


And if you have an oval or heart shaped face to go with your bob hairstyle? Please. Come take all my money.

black woman wearing gorgeous chunky bob box braids

Chunky bob box braids

These are just a few out of the very many ways to style box braids. There are a lot of other ways to make your box braids hairstyle stand out beautifully that are not mentioned here. You know some? Let me know in the comment section. Also, if you’d like to share your personal favorite box braid styles, the comment section is where you can do that (best believe I’m very interested).


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