TobeDaDiva Launches Online Workshop for Aspiring Presenters


Tobechi Nneji, popularly known as TobeDaDiva, is a Nigerian media personality and blogger with years of experience in various live broadcast radio formats. She has worked with such stations as KissFM Abuja, DreamFM Enugu and GoUni Radio, Enugu. She also runs a blog and a Youtube channel.

Recently, she launched a podcast series “for anyone who has ever wondered if they should be on radio or TV, or how they could set themselves up to be successful in the broadcast media industry”

tobe mpwp

She was inspired to start the series by the sheer number of questions she got from aspiring presenters- “How do I become a presenter?” “How can I make my show better?” “What can I do at my audition?”

On the Media Personality Workshop Podcast series, she will talk about what it means to be a radio or TV presenter, other careers in the media, convergence trends, using social media, getting content, spheres of presenting, interviewing, voice training, production and so on.

The podcasts will be aired weekly on her blog. She is also open to answer questions emailed to her at


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