Visiting Enugu For The First Time? 5 Things You Should Know


Whatever brings you to the Coal City, a friend’s wedding, a new job, a business opportunity, a vacation, or perhaps simply your life of adventure. You will find out that the Eastern Nigerian city of Enugu is as pleasant, warm, thrilling and welcoming as it gets. So that you are not surprised by all that you see and experience in Enugu, we have decided to write this guide of some sorts on things you should know when visiting the city of Enugu.

  1. Why is it called 042?

042 is the NITEL Telephone Area Code for Enugu State. The code quickly became adopted as a fond moniker for the State with the young and youthful population of the city taking a cue from Pop Culture and Hip Hop communities in the U.S where the area codes became a nick name for the city. For example 313 for Detriot, 404 for Atlanta Georgia, 202 for Washington DC. So if you meet anyone and they tell you they are from the 042, know that they mean that they are from Enugu.

  1. Where are the interesting places to visit in Enugu?
Image Credit: Rex Lens @rexlens_imagia

Image Credit: Rex Lens @rexlens_imagia

Enugu has lots of interesting places to see and visit. The Coal City is a bustling metropolitan city that has risen from an ancient hill top city and retained remnants of the old city alongside the manifestations of the new city. Anytime you are in Enugu, make it a point of duty to see these places listed below. It would be totally worth your time.

  • National Museum of Unity
  • Awhum Waterfall and Cave
  • Ngwo Pine Forest
  • Ezeagu Tourist Complex
  • Ugwueme and Udi Hills
  • Polo Park Mall
  • Nike Lake Resort
  • Enugu Golf Club
  • New Berries Park
  • Ani Ozalla Crocodile Lake
  1. Famous Celebrities from Enugu


Enugu has its fair share of famous Sons and Daughters. From Nollywood to, what do we call our Music Industry? Well, from Nollywood to the Music Industry, Enugu has produced talented and famous personalities. Here are a few of them. If there are any that have been missed, add in the comments section.

  • Chiwetalu Agu
  • Kenneth Okonkwo
  • Jay Jay Okocha
  • Flavour
  • John Okafor
  • Nkem Owoh
  • Zack Orji
  • Patience Ozokwor
  • Frank Edwards
  • Pete Edoche
  • Phyno
  1. The favourite foods of the City are Okpa and Abacha
Image Credit: Dooney @dooneyskitchen

Image Credit: @dooneyskitchen

The special delicacy that is Okpa is the peoples favorite in Enugu. Okpa is made from Bambara Nut flour and flavoured with spices and then cooked and served in nylons or leave wrappings. Don’t be surprised to see your taxi driver frantically waving an Okpa seller, apologising profusely to you for a minute to buy his favorite on the go snack. Same goes for Abacha which is also referred to as African Salad. Abacha is made from prepared cassava flakes and Ugba which is made from oil bean seeds.

  1. The Best Hotels in Enugu
The Gates

The Gates

If you are visiting Enugu to have a fun and relaxing time, these are some of the best hotels in Enugu you should know.



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