The 4th Decade: Life Through The 30s


Former Dream FM presenter Tobe “Dadiva” Nneji has us anticipating “The 4th Decade”, a media program that looks at life through the 30s. Having recently turned 30 herself, she is a core part of the project and will be taking us on a journey through her musings and experiences as a 30yr old. Here is what she has to say about the project:

“The 30s come with their own type of pressure. There’s a certain air of expectation that grows around people as they get closer to their 30th birthday. For some, it becomes the constant attempts at match-making them; for others, it is the reminder that they have not accomplished ‘success’ and for some still, it is that feeling of weariness at not knowing what the future holds.

There’s always seemed to be something about turning 30 and the lives we live through our 30s, through our 4th Decade.

And so three women in the media, came together to create this piece of work – Tobe Nneji (TobeDaDiva), who, at the time, was counting the months to the start of her 4th Decade and going through the highs and lows of the anticipation; Toyosi Phillips, who had just started her 30s journey and Julia Chinazor Mbaebie, who was still basking in her 20s but starting to wonder about the 30s.

We got insights into the lives of people living through their 30s and we called it the 4th Decade Project. Their stories and thoughts will inspire you, connect with you and open you up to living through your 4th Decade, fully and freely.

Follow our Facebook page ,  share your questions, expectation, thoughts and experience of your 4th decade on social media, with the tag #My4thDecade and look out for the web release on the 2nd of February.” 

What’s your take on life after 30? Join the conversation.


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