POETRY: For Haiti


This is for other tongues
that will never flap again
for other songs that may
never become street jams
for children to mime
for emotional girls to cry to
—now we know that there is little hope in
we break and heal,  unlike this land sick
in all locations

This is for that market down-sliding
into someplace like grave or tomb, self-made;
for noises sinking in the throat of its makers
for chaos at the market place
for camp fires
for hunger
and other hungers
like the longing for touch of a lover
like the desires to dance again

This is for a country
that has tumors
all over her skin

I rise for that country


About Author

Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau is from the uphills of Ijebu Igbo and lives in the downside of Ibadan. He studies nutrition and takes pleasure in the art of sex, pain and the depth of his poetry. Adedayo's first chapbook, "For Boys Who Left" is forthcoming on WRR.

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