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The Muse hereby invites entries for its 45th edition. The Muse: A Journal of Creative and Critical Writing of the department of English and Literary Studies, University of Nigeria, has been around since 1963 and is the oldest surviving students’ journal in West Africa. In accordance with the department’s forthcoming celebration of the homecoming of her alumni, the board of The Muse No 45 wishes to dedicate this edition to the event.

In view of this, we invite contributors to submit entries that relate to or revolve around the subject-matter, theme and idea of HOME. Home can be physical, psychological or metaphysical. You may think around:

  • Home as recourse/escape mechanism
  • Home and the post-colonial sensibility
  • Home as an illusion
  • How much home one can actually go
  • Adaptation to an environment as homecoming
  • Ideological/sexual orientation as home
  • Bringing texts home through analysis
  • Alienation and the conflicts surrounding going/leaving home
  • Death/birth as going/coming home

Contributors are, however, completely at liberty to handle this theme from any point of view of their choice.


  1. Entries must be sent in as Microsoft Word processed attachments in 12 point of Times New Roman font. Do not include your name in the attachment.
  2. Entries must be the original work of the author and must not have been published elsewhere.
  3. Entries are to be restricted to the following genres and specifications:
    1. Critical Essays/Research Papers on Language or Literature must not exceed 4000 words. Submit a single entry.
    2. Literary Review Papers must be of a book not published earlier than 2015 and must not exceed 3000 words. Submit a single entry.
    3. Plays must not exceed 2500 words. Submit a single entry.
    4. Short stories and Nonfiction must not exceed 2500 words. Submit a single entry.
    5. Flash fiction must not exceed 400 words. Submit a maximum of two entries.
    6. Poetry: Submit a maximum of 3 poems of not more than 25 lines each.
  4. Subject of the email should be in this format: Submission for Muse 45: Genre: Title of the work/s: Name
  5. Include a bio of not more than 50 words in the body of the email.

Again, Originality is of the essence. Also, we encourage (but are not limited to accepting) reviews and criticisms on works of writer-graduates of the department like: Chika Unigwe, Chimalum Nwankwo, Emeka Nwabueze, Fidelis Okoro, Obari Gomba, Chikoha Agoha, Unoma Azua, Chukwuma Azunonye and others for this edition.
Send your entries to the email: Deadline has been extended to 12pm, 15th of March 2017.

Only student contributors are eligible to enter for and win prizes such as:

Chinua Achebe’s prize for short story
Amaechi Akwanya’s prize for critical writing
Sam Onuigbo/Chigbu’s prize for literary review
Daniel Chukwuemeka’s prize for drama
Leo Ejesu’s prize for poetry among others.

Contributors who wish to enter for these prizes should also send three hard copies of their works and a proof of studentship.
Ogochukwu Ukwueze
(Editor) 08131065321


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