A Day at the Olive Tree Hair Clinic


A few weeks ago, I was at the opening of The Olive Tree Hair Clinic. The Olive Tree is a nice little salon at 6 Co-operation Boulevard, Trans-Ekulu Enugu. It’s run by Engineer and natural hair enthusiast, Chinyere (@ceeojay).


I was the first customer to arrive, so I was rewarded with free hair-styling and makeover (yay!). Chinyere (aka the Hair Engineer) had been in business for a while, offering home services while growing and promoting her business via Facebook and Instagram (@theolivetreehc).

The launch of the salon means that old and new clients can now walk into the salon on a whim and get their hair pampered and styled.


I didn’t have any hairstyle or treatment in mind, so I asked her to do as she pleased. My hair was held up in an afro puff. She took off the band and twisted my hair into sections, then sprayed some detangler and detangled the hair section by section. She then applied pre-poo (pre-shampoo treatment) which she let sit in my hair for a while. The salon was busy by then.

Other clients had arrived and were also getting their hair done.


There was also a photographer (@obinnabanks) and a media team (@southeast_trends) covering the event. There was music, cake and small chops.


The atmosphere was upbeat and happy. The salon looked lovely- white walls, green door, hair products on shelves, towels neatly rolled.


I got a satisfying scalp massage while my hair was shampooed.


She gave me a t-shirt towel which I used to rub my hair dry, then she finger combed my hair and rubbed in hemp oil.

“How do you usually style your hair?”

“Afro puff or updos.”

She styled my hair into an updo, using the roll, tuck and pin method, and we were done. Dobzi gave me a makeover, then Obinna Banks took pictures of me with my new look. The other clients had their photographs taken too, showcasing the hairstyles they just got- crochet braids, Ghana braids, buns etc. I paid N2000 for the hair treatment (after applying my 20% discount), grabbed an Evana smoothie and said goodbye.


The Olive Tree Hair Clinic is a lovely hair salon with a stylist that knows her stuff. I got my hair pampered. The treatment was a great improvement over the usual struggle that is the average hair salon.

Photographs by Obinna Banks Photography @obinnabanks


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