Bisalla Boys


Impossible is nothing.

Whether you’re three goals down in the finals of the champion’s league

Or you find your team needing 3 goals in 30 minutes to qualify for another European night in front of 60,000 screaming fans;

Or even snatching a dying second equalizer from the jaws of an underdog.

Impossible is nothing.


The only question is, how bad do you want to win?

My name is Mack4 and I’m the head coach and supreme leader of FC Bisalla, TPL042 Champions.

The 11 men on the pitch do not even begin to define our team. They’re the tip of the iceberg if you may.

Our full squad is the lads on the lines.

The brothers that believe.

The lads that lend their voices to our rampage, voices rough and coarse with palpable emotion.

Brethren that stand for us in the blistering sun and pounding rain cheering from fight back to fight back.

Game after game.

Never drained, never weak, groaning in unison when we miss a sitter, or exploding with joy as KC finishes with classic composure.

Boys on the Line I call them.

Sunday the Wonderkid, Arinze onye left, Onye army, See Toby, Oyibo Darlington, Ajuba ginger, Ras nwa mama, Kingsely actictian ojoor, Omalicha Scondutch, and Aruby hot cake.

Our men in the boardroom, Rookiegod and Marseze.

All the beautiful female fans that troop out to watch us train and play, we promise to keep winning in style. Bisalla no fit ever carry last.

In conclusion, my attention has been drawn to teams from Achara Layout and Agbani Rd. talking tough and looking to join the TPL042 League.

Well, turn up at Liberty Estate pitch on Monday by 2pm and watch FC BISALLA play OTIGBA FC. See if you have what it takes to play with champions.

God bless you all; remember to follow @theTPL and @FCBisalla on facebook and twitter.


by @_Mack4


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