Start Your 2018 With A Free Printable Year Planner


The new year is here! Many of us have spent the past few days reflecting on 2017 and making resolutions for 2018.

You may have decided to take action to improve your personal life, career, finances, spiritual well-being… Maybe you’ve decided to eat right and exercise, or to push harder with your side hustle. Even if you haven’t yet set goals for the new year, My 2018 Planner is for you.

With 13 pages of useful tools and trackers, this planner will help you stay organized, keep tabs on important aspects of your life and reflect on things that matter. My 2018 Planner consists of the following:
– Cover page
– 2018 Vision page
– Year-at-a-glance calendar
– Monthly goals setting
– Month-at-a-glance calendar
– Habit tracker
– Expense tracker
– Monthly reflections
– Notes
– Daily schedule
– Meal planner
– Workout planner
– Monthly savings tracker
The habit tracker helps you track your progress as you try to form new habits and create routines. Write down activities you want to perform daily, monthly or weekly and tick against each day to mark your progress.
The expense tracker helps you keep track of your spending. Fill in an item you spend money on as an expense. Then fill your budget for that item. State whether it is a want or a need. At the end of the month, fill in the actual amount you spent, and the difference from your budget. This will help you have a clearer picture of your spending habits.

My 2018 Planner is FREE to download. Simply click on the link to get the planner. Print out the pages you need and get started with a productive and fulfilling year. If you like it, leave a comment and share this page with your friends.
Happy New Year!

Click Here to Download 2018 Planner

The pages are ideal for printing on A5 paper (half of an A4 sheet).


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