Enugu according to Me


When you travel a lot, you have the privilege of seeing what other cities, villages or towns are like. Your heart naturally picks its favourites. Some might not be as beautiful, yet you always enjoy your stay there. A few you might like for their cuisines and others for their beautiful layout.

For me, Enugu fulfills all my fantasies. The town is beautiful, relatively safe, calm, inexpensive, bubbly and I always, always enjoy my stay there. The city is one that you just have no option than to fall in love with.

I decided to play my photography skills around the city and I’m sharing the results of my escapade with you here. Have a look:
2012-08-03 12.13.17

2012-08-05 12.58.43

2012-08-05 12.49.30

2012-08-05 13.13.58

2012-08-05 13.13.30


2012-08-05 13.14.44

So what do you think? Loving Enugu yet?

By Chizitere Ojiaka


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