Nigeria at 56: Things to do this Independence Day


It’s that time of the year again, the day we celebrate our country’s independence and this year it falls on a Saturday. Traditionally, public holidays that fall on weekends in Nigeria are extended to the next workday.

Now, while many might not feel the need to celebrate because of the hard times and the current state of our economy, we should definitely take advantage of the long weekend.

The weekend is always a good time to wind down after the activities of the past week and a long weekend is even better. With long weekends, the “Ugh, It’s Monday again” feeling, normally associated with Mondays is moved down to the next work day where even though you miss the weekend and sigh at the thought of resuming work, the week feels shorter and you don’t feel so bad anymore!

So here are some simple ways to enjoy this October 1st:

1. Sleep In!

The importance of sleep cannot be over emphasised. Research has shown that millions of people do not get enough sleep and many suffer from lack of sleep and this has an overall effect on public health, so seize the day. Carpe diem! And get some much needed extra sleep.

2. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A lot of people skip breakfast, underestimating the importance of breakfast in our lives and its added health benefits. Today, after a long bath, treat yourself to some breakfast. Whip something up.

3. Keep up with Nigerian News

It is October 1st, the day we celebrate our country’s independence. We must admit that the year has been hard on a lot of us but let us be thankful that on this day in 1960, we were free. Let us remember the joy felt on that day and connect with ourselves and our country. The media; print and online, is bound to be buzzing with Nigerian news, facts, arguments and discussions. Get in some reading and remember, be positive through it all.

4. Take Yourself Out

Staying in is an obvious option for the day but if you are willing to brave the crowds and go enjoy the rest of the day with your countrymen or know a quiet place where you can hang out with loved ones and friends, then why not? Green and white are the colours of the day. (I am not saying you have to wear these colours)

5. Eat. Eat. Eat!

With No. 4 on the list, one would think there would be no need for this as number 5 but you would be surprised. Food is one of the greatest pleasures in life so please; try to get in some food. Here, you have a couple of options

– Whip something up

– Order in

– Eat out

– Visit someone! (or some people, it is free food… If you can get it)

6. Relax

There is no rush, do things at your own pace, take deep breaths and enjoy the day. Do not let anything stress you, there is enough stress in the world as it is so leave it all behind for a day.

Enjoy your day.

And most importantly,

7. Pray for Nigeria

The country needs as much help as it can get and if you believe in a higher power, appeal to that higher power for help. If you will not pray for the country, pray for the people, pray for your fellow men. People make a country.

And don’t forget, faith without good works is dead and this applies to everyone, religious or not. We have to put in work to make our country better; every one of us has to put in effort.

Happy Independence people! Enjoy your weekend.

P.S Spare a thought for those that cannot enjoy the little luxuries many take for granted


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  1. I did all that except #4. I thought to stay in today and keep up with movies, celebrations on TV and all!

    Thank you for a good article today! Happy Independence Day click042.

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