After the Big Chop: 7 Helpful Tips


The ‘big chop’ is a term for cutting off all of one’s (relaxed) hair. It’s a major milestone for many on their natural hair journey. If you’re about to, or you just did the big chop, here are some things that you should know:


1. Love your hair: After cutting your hair, you’re very likely to ask yourself “What have I done?” especially if your hair doesn’t look as sleek as those naturalistas on Instagram and Youtube. It’s normal. You haven’t made a grave mistake. You’ve only just begun your journey and it may be a while before you learn how best to rock your hair.


2. Moisturise often: your hair needs moisture to thrive. Moisturise daily with water or a water-based moisturiser/leave-in conditioner.


3. Get a satin bonnet: the satin bonnet keeps your hair from drying out and breaking while you sleep.


4. Keep it simple: You can care for your short hair with five ingredients or less. Shampoo with diluted black soap; moisturise and seal (LOC) with aloe vera juice or gel, coconut oil and shea butter; rehydrate by spritzing with water. Don’t become a product junkie just yet.

5. Accessorise: Spice up your look with statement earrings, makeup, hats, scarves, hairbands, fancy hairpins, etc.


6. Style: You can style your short hair with wigs, braids, finger coils, foam coils, straw curls, etc

7. Learn your hair: Find out your hair type, texture, porosity, curl pattern, etc. These will help you when choosing hair styles and hair products. Also remember that general rules may not apply to your hair, so figure out what works for you and do those.


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