Serena Williams Delves Into Fashion With A Bang!


Tennis star Serena Williams just launched her very own clothing line named after herself.

The athleisure line features sport bras, crop tops, high waist skirts, joggers, hooded jackets and so far the public’s response has been positive.

According to Serena fashion is something she has always had love for. So much that even when she was just 18 she had already started splitting her time between tennis -the sport that eventually showed the world how much of a talented maverick she is- and fashion when she opted to go with a lighter training schedule so she could enrol at a fashion school.

Later on when she could finally afford to give her passion for fashion the time and attention it needed to materialize she was still faced with another hurdle- convincing people to believe in her, this time as a fashion designer and not just as a renowned tennis player.

No one seemed to buy into her dream and so she did it her way, in her own terms. She launched it on her website and announced it on her Instagram page using the hashtag #BeSeenBeHeard.

Serena has always been a force to be reckoned with, no matter what path she chooses we have no doubt that she will excel.

View the rest of the collection here.


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