Ijeoma and Arinze: Love Story + Traditional Wedding Photos


There’s nothing cuter than a young, beautiful couple tying the knot. Ijeoma and Arinze had their traditional marriage ceremony at the bride’s hometown in Udi. We were dying to know how they met. Here’s their story, as told by the bride:


We met through my sister in law. He saw my picture on her dp and asked her for my contacts. She had told me about him and had plenty good things to say. He called and we got talking. We met for the first time at a nearby restaurant. After that, we would hang out every weekend. I got to meet his friends and that was when it kicked off.


We dated for a year and 6 months. Months before we got engaged, he had travelled on a business trip. We talked over the phone and Skyped a lot. He kept saying how he was excited to come back and that he had a surprise for me. I, being a detective, had already suspected.


Weeks after he got back, he suggested we go swimming with his friends and said I could invite mine too. I got new swimwear and invited my sister. We went to a hotel with a pool. After eating, we were wondering when the swimming would start. He asked for us to take a stroll. We were walking on the field gisting, next thing he was on one knee, too shy to even say the words. He just put the ring on my finger and got up immediately. Everyone was excited and took pictures of us. It was a moment to remember.


Couple: Ijeoma and Arinze @ijaylex @riz_jewelry

Photography: Onyx Fotography @onyxfotography

Makeup: @candyfulloflove

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