Uche & Chikodi: Pre-Wedding Shoot + Love Story


It’s always interesting to hear the love tale behind the union of a beautiful couple.  Read on to find out how this beautiful nurse and her charming surgeon met and fell in love.

Once upon a time…

A princess once thought she would never meet the man of her dreams, until she met the charming surgeon. When she looks into his eyes, she sees a gateway of the world she wants to live in.

His love is a miracle that she’s lucky enough to experience. She could not have dreamt of a better person.

Funny how she has heard a lot about him in the past years and even seen him several times without paying attention to him. Let’s just timing is everything.
On a fateful  day few years ago, she was invited to a “friend’s friend” birthday party with the intention that she will be introduced to the celebrant, which never happened because she got into an interesting odd discussion with her prince😊😊😉. They spoke at length about football and discovered they are both ardent Manchester United fans which formed a basis for their subsequent communication.

Days passed with new discoveries about each other, passion and dreams shared, there were days with arguments but they never felt too big to say sorry nor make amends


Then he decided she was a jewel he had to keep forever, invited her to LaCampagne Tropicana for a picnic with friends where he swept her off her feet and popped the big question. She knew he was God’s precious gift to her and happily said YES.

Now they are taking the walk to forever and hope to live happily ever after!





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