Oge and Uche: Love Story + Pre-Wedding Photos


When I met Uchenna in 2009, I wasn’t planning to begin a relationship or fall in love. I met him when he came to see my sister at our family house. I opened up the door for him and just thought to myself “boy, he is cute!”. However, he acted really quiet and shy then and I didn’t really like shy people so I dropped the thought.

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Three months later, we reconnected on facebook. I got admission into his school and we ended up being best friends. In 2010, during one of our chats, he casually said ‘I am going to marry You’… At that point, in as much as we were best of friends, I didn’t think he was ‘the one’.


Year after Year,  He remained very consistent in his pursuit. Despite the fact that we were two different personalities and had our issues, he was very determined to make it work. As we grew in love by the years, with counsel and determination to make it work, I knew that I was going to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

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About the proposal, I never really thought he would do any thing dramatic because he would always joke that he had already married me so there was no need for me to say yes again… Somewhere, in my heart I thought he was serious because he had done the formalities with my family already.

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On the day of the proposal, He called me after work saying a collegue of his wanted to book my service urgently and I should rush down to his office immediately. He sounded so serious.

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I went into his office and as I sat down, I heard ‘our song’ playing at the background. I wondered why a song was playing out loud but I dismissed the thought because it was the close of work. I was just a tad bit annoyed that he had shared our song with the whole world, lol.

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Soon, the fake client came out and we started discussing. I noticed another colleague of his was recording me but when I asked her, she gave an excuse.

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As we were discussing, his other colleagues came out with white cards that asked me to marry him. I was shocked!!!

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Then the fine gentleman came out and I just started laughing… I couldn’t believe he pulled it off. When he knelt down and asked him to marry him, I just laughed even more and said yes!

I still get excited everytime I remember the event. 16th May, 2017 Will always be a day to remember.

We are getting married on the 12th and 19th of August, 2017. It’s been a long wait for this day… But I know it will be worth it!

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Couple: @classiquebyvictoria @uchennaakanwa

Makeup by @classiquebyvictoria
Hair by @baehairandbeautysalon
Pink dress by @emwaltz
Trad outfit by @rikwechcouture
Photography by @Kefellerstudios
Creative decoration by @alexeventss

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