Eating Out in Enugu: Aaron’s Place Restaurant Review


Aaron’s Place is a hotel located at 17 Ibusa Avenue, Independence Layout, Enugu with a cocktail bar and restaurant.

Carpark Aarons restaurant Enugu
Walking into Aaron’s you can appreciate the gentle ambience of the bar and the restaurant if you, like me enjoy quiet places where you can unwind and enjoy your meal.

I found the space a bit too utilitarian, although they tried to enhance their look with Ankara cutlery pouches, clean, quiet setting and warm lighting in the evenings.
When you are settled in, a menu is brought for your perusal and the waiter withdraws, leaving you to make a choice.

The waiters are patient and helpful. I found them attentive as a lot did not have to be done to call their attention to the table.
After you have placed your order, a hot o-shibori (towel) is brought for you to clean your hands just before you are served bread in a basket and balsamic vinegar or jam and some butter – on the house – while you wait for your meal.
The food arrived about forty minutes after we ordered.


I had the Jack Devil steak with its accompanying sauce and coconut rice while my friend had the carbonara.

The food was neatly arranged with good portions. The steak was a bit tough, but the sauce had a unique, bittersweet tang; a tasty accompaniment to the steak. I was pleasantly surprised to see the coconut rice was actually… wait for it… coconut rice!
Twice, in two different restaurants, I have paid for “coconut rice” in Enugu only to get home and taste what I can only describe as crayfish rice as there was zero hint of coconut and about a mortar full of ground crayfish. I also tasted some Jollof rice which tasted good but not particularly spectacular, not party rice-y if you know what I mean.

Carbonara was tasty and creamy with the cheese and chilli and I did not have dessert. I enjoyed my first visit to Aaron’s Place which was why I was open to trying the cocktail bar a few days later. I did not go for anything fancy, but I enjoyed being able to rest from a long day at work and converse without the sound of loud music to drown my thoughts and words.
Again, their service was good with a doorman ready to assist me with an umbrella to the car as it was raining. (They could get a bigger umbrella >_>)
Prices of shots and glasses range from 800 – 1200 and regular alcoholic drinks can be had at N300.
A meal can be gotten from N1600 upwards.
Will I go there again? Yes I will, if only for the balsamic vinegar and sauces. Sad part is you only get two pieces of bread. ☹
P.S Their Chicken Kebab is always a safe choice. The fried rice, not so much and if you hear ‘Chicken à la King’, say ‘Miss me please.’

P.P.S The food has tasted different every time I have gone there and it isn’t always the good kind of different. Regulars believe the food doesn’t taste as good anymore and their standards have dropped. I am inclined to agree but I’ll need more data. Lunch, anyone?


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