Eating Out In Enugu: Pizza Jungle Restaurant Review

Pizza Jungle is a little pizza place occupying a section of the Kilimanjaro restaurant at the Enugu Mall (Spar).

They have about 12 different types of pizza on their menu for vegetarians and meat lovers alike, ranging from N2500 to N4500.
I ordered their “All Seasons Mangrove” pizza, medium size. It cost N2500.

They asked me to come get the pizza in 10 minutes. I expected that it would take longer because:
A. It usually takes longer at other pizza places I’ve been to, within and outside Enugu.
B. From my experience, Enugu restaurants don’t particularly live up to their promises with respect to time.
I kept an eye on my watch and in exactly 10 minutes, I was back at the counter. Surprise! My pizza was ready.
I grabbed my box and took a peek. It was pretty, lots of meat and cheese. Not a lot of veggies, but I didn’t mind that at all.
Now, to the eating:
The crust was crisp but not burnt. There was a generous helping of cheese on the pizza, and it was not overbaked so it was still juicy and drawy (for want of a better word). The pizza was loaded with chicken, sausages, minced beef and mushrooms on a layer of sauce.

Pizza Jungle offers the best pizza in Enugu so far! I’ll update this article if I find a place that does better. My only issue was with the size of the pizza. It was quite small for a medium size pizza. Still worth it!
Have you been to Pizza Jungle? What do you think?

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  1. WALi Samson on

    Will visit with my family from p.h.2 c n eat the pizza 4 d first time.
    Location will also b a challenge as a stranger in Enugu state.

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