Eating Out In Enugu: Latitude Café and Lounge Review


The Latitude Café is a new restaurant situated at Polo Park Mall, Enugu. I had come by it a number of times but assumed it was a night club, like its predecessor, Capello. A few questions asked revealed it to be a restaurant with actual food, and a lounge.

Photo credit: @latitudecafe

Photo credit: @latitudecafe

The café’s dark colours, soft lighting and music create an ambience of calm and class. The waiters, all guys as far as I could tell, were interesting to look at. One had a blonde mohawk while another zoomed around on a Segway, taking orders. They wore smart uniforms and were very polite.

We were seated and handed menus. The menu offered breakfasts, burgers, pasta, Nigerian dishes, cocktails, smoothies, soft drinks and more. I asked the waiter to give us some time to decide, so he gave us a little device with which we could call him, if we required his attention.

latitude device

I ordered the “American Breakfast” for N5000 while @theonlyfbk ordered shredded chicken sauce with rice, N3000.

The American breakfast consists of grilled potatoes, baked beans, poached eggs, grilled chicken, sausages, bacon, toast bread, butter, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms. I asked and the waiter said it would take about 20 minutes to have our orders ready. He came back about 10 minutes later to apologise, explaining that not all the components of the American breakfast were available. I had to order something else.

I went through the menu again. I decided to try their beef burger (N3000). I noticed they had a special brunch offer where you get a burger, fries and drink for N3000, if you order between 11am – 2pm. I went for that instead.

latitude virgin colada

I had a Virgin Colada while waiting for my order. It was smooth and tasted good, although there was only a very tiny hint of coconut.

We had waited an extra twenty-ish minutes before the waiter returned to apologise to @theonlyfbk, because they didn’t have all the ingredients ready for his meal, so he too would have to order something. This was quite upsetting because we were already hungry and not willing to wait an extra half hour for the meal. We cancelled his order altogether and agreed to split mine when it arrived. The waiter apologised profusely.

We split the burger in two before taking the photo

We split the burger in two before taking the photo

My burger and fries arrived shortly after, with two drinks. The second drink was free, as an apology. The burger was small and looked quite uninteresting, but it was delicious. The beef was thick and juicy. The fries were okay.

Malt and milk drinks

Malt and milk drinks

Virgin Colada: N2000

Burger, fries and drink (brunch special): N3000

While the Latitude Café and Lounge lacked in “ingredients”, they tried to compensate with “efizzy” and commendable customer service. The main thing to anticipate in a restaurant is food, so I hope they have more of it available in the future.


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