Food Delivery in Enugu: Lolli’s Grill House Review


The second business in our “food delivery” series is Lolli’s Grill House. @lollisgrillhouse page on Instagram boasts a variety of fun foods that one can order- burgers, French fries, English breakfast, salad, smoothies, shawarma, yogurt parfait and so on. Scrolling through their page, I was a bit confused as to what to order, but I listened to my body and it said “pizza”. I sent a direct message to their Instagram account but I got no reply, so I called the phone number on their bio.

A lady answered and I made enquiries as to the types of pizza they had on offer and their prices. Pizza at Lolli’s cost N3500-N4000, depending on what you order. I asked how soon I could have the pizza delivered and she informed that they weren’t open yet. It was 7:31am, certainly not business hours. So I told her I would call back at 8:30am and place my order.

I eventually ordered their signature pizza and a smoothie bottle. They promised to deliver in 45 minutes. The call ended by 8:34am. The delivery arrived at 9:53am. It took them over an hour to make a 45 minute delivery. The pizza looked good and smelled good. It was topped with tomato sauce, sausage, shredded chicken, green pepper, onions and cheese. It was a bit dry, like it might have been in the oven a tad too long, but otherwise enjoyable. I was full halfway through and had to freeze the rest.

The smoothie was deep purple- beetroot. I could taste pineapple in it also. If there were other ingredients in it, they were overpowered by the beetroot and pineapple. I liked it anyway. It was well blended and didn’t have those unsavoury chewy bits that some other smoothies do. I’m guessing they invested in a good blender (Tip: if you run a smoothie business, please invest in a high-perfomance blender such as a Vitamix or Blendtec. They make your smoothies much… smoother).


Lolli’s Signature Pizza: N4000

Smoothie bottle: N1000

Delivery: N500

Total: N5500

Would I recommend them? Yes.

Would I order from them again? Yes, but not when I’m very hungry.

Also, I think it would be nice if they put up their menu and price list on Instagram (like Happy Panda does) so I don’t have to call and ask for the price of every single thing I’m interested in.

They finally replied my message on Instagram, about 6hrs later. So I advise you call them if you want to order.


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