Food Delivery in Enugu: Kilimanjaro Restaurant Review


There are days when all you want to do is lounge at home in your pyjamas. The problem with those days is you still get hungry. What to do? Struggle into proper clothes and makeup and transport yourself to a restaurant for a plate of food? Or cook a meal at home and end up washing pots and plates on what you’ve already declared a lazy day.

Wait, you can order food! Yes, even in Enugu. It occurred to us that the good people of Enugu might be having lazy days, and yet not be aware of the businesses here that deliver food and edible goodies. Therefore, we set out on a mission to discover and try out these business and present them to you (not all heroes wear capes 😀 ).

The first business we tried was Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro is my favourite restaurant at the Polo Park Mall, so I was excited to discover that they offer food delivery services (thanks to Instagram follower @nividad). I quickly googled “Kilimanjaro Enugu” and found my way to the page where I could order from. There was a lot of food to choose from, drinks too. I ordered their k-sauce (ofada sauce), with moin-moin on the side.

K-sauce: N750

Moin-moin: N300

Delivery: N200

Total: N1250

Not bad. I placed my order by 2:56pm. The website said delivery took 45mins. Kinda long, but I wasn’t too hungry yet, so no problem.

An hour later, no show. By 4:13pm, I decided that maybe their online delivery portal wasn’t working and the food wasn’t going to come. I decided to order food from Golden Bowl instead. Luckily, before I could complete the transaction, I got a call from the Kilimanjaro delivery guy. He was on my street.

I went out, paid him and got my food (positive point: He had change).


First thing I noticed was that the nylon was messy. The k-sauce had spilled inside it and everything was slick with palm oil, including my receipts. Not cool.

Second thing: They literally sent me k-sauce and moin-moin. No rice!!!

I am not understanding

We called the management for an explanation.

Us: Why was rice not included in this order?

Guy on the phone: Because you did not order rice.

Us: Why did it take almost two hours to deliver the food?

Guy: Maybe the order did not process on time.

He offered an offhand “sorry” before the call ended. Customer service, thumbs down.

So I thought, maybe I had erred. I went back to their website to see if I could have ordered white rice. No, I couldn’t have. There is no option for standalone white rice on their menu. I could not have ordered white rice, so it makes sense to assume that when you order k-sauce, it comes with white rice (like it does at the restaurant).


Was I happy with my service from Kilimanjaro? Not at all. Will I be ordering from them again? Nope. If I find myself at the mall, I’d still buy their food though.


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