Eating Out in Enugu: Mama Onyinye Restaurant Review


Located at 7B, Park Avenue, behind Polo Mall, Enugu; Mama Onyinye has built a name for itself and this is evident in the steady flow of customers. If you are looking for a cheap place to grab a quick, tasty lunch; this is one place for you. With its new location and considerably large car park, it is a definite improvement on the Mama Onyinye of old and you can almost forgive  the blinding colours of the building in the sunlight.

“All the better to find it though.” I can imagine whoever chose the colours saying.

Picture of Mama Onyinye restaurant building and car park in Enugu

Unfortunately, Service does not seem to have been re-vamped along with the location as their servers can be downright surly except for that one dark woman who gives me extra pepper with my chicken when I ask. Thank you!

Food selection ranges from ‘swallow’ with different soup options to ukwa to basic rice meals; White, Jollof and Fried. Nothing fancy, but the food tastes good. Also, extras like Moi-moi, Fried plantain, Beef, Fish and Chicken are available.

Plates of swallow and soup, food served in Enugu RestaurantPlate of fried rice, meat and plantain, served with coke in an Enugu restaurant

You can get a plate of food for as low as 500 and soft drinks and beer are available if you would prefer that to the bottle of water that accompanies every meal.

I have put down a list of prices for some general things below:

Plate of rice – N400

Fried Chicken – N300

Beef – N100/piece

Moi-moi – N100

Plantain – N100/5 pieces

Bottle of Coke – N50

Bottle of water – N100

Plate of ‘swallow’ of your choice and soup – N700

For a cheap, quick lunch, Mama Onyinye is a yes for me.


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