Eating Out in Enugu: Rveto Thai Restaurant Review


I had been looking forward to going to ‘the Thai place’ since I first heard about it

but after discouraging reports about the location of the restaurant (No one seemed to be able to find the place again after the first time) and the service, my enthusiasm had cooled down some.

I only just got the chance after a different friend convinced me to ditch Chow Mein for an adventure to find the Thai place one evening. To the Bat-Mobile!



We found the place.

The restaurant is a little place tucked away in Independence layout, at 708 Mbaukwu Street, off Vosan Drive.  The decor was disappointing as I expected something prettier.



“Before, a good meal could be gotten at N500 but with way our economy is currently set up, meals are now N800” The sign at the door and prices on the menu tell me.

The restaurant has limited meal choices and on a scale of one to ten, service was a three and this is because the woman in charge smiled a lot and was apologetic. I ordered a Chicken + Cashew nuts + Rice combo while my friend got Curry + Pork + Rice but they did not have drinks that day, just pure water and it was raining so we changed our order to takeout to avoid choking on chicken bits.



There was no umbrella and we had to run out in the rain but at the end of it all, we found a shop to get drinks and a park where we could eat in the car.

The meal portions were very generous and the curry tasted really good, spicy with the beautiful taste of coconut milk but I could find no nuts with the chicken.



If you are totally unassuming and like little places tucked in the middle of AlmostNowhere, you might like this place. You just have to find it first.

I liked the food.

I will go back for the food (Takeout again, most probably)


N.B – You should probably call it “the Chinese restaurant” instead of “the Thai restaurant” when asking complete strangers for directions.

Photo Credits: @chaotic_vixen @kakaoffiah @Aruby_k


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